Dream team boats in Sorrento

A unique experience in the middle of the sea

Tourists and sea lovers opt for Dream Team Boats Sorrento because of their trips along the Amalfi coast and Capri and the boat rental services. If you choose to discover this beautiful part of the landscape in Campania, in the south of Italy, with Dream Team Boats in Sorrento,you will have the chance to visit the enchanting fishermen’s villages along the coast or the wild beaches that are difficult to reach by land. If you are a guest on one of the boats of the Consorzio, you will also visit the islands and find the best cliffs for your dives or the best places to jump into the crystal clear water of this part of the Tyrrhenian Sea. If you travel with Dream Team Boats in Sorrento you will have a full and complete experience, full of comforts on the boats of the Consorzio with the unique, professional, kind, friendly and helpful staff members and skippers.

The staff members and skippers accompany their guests to discover the landscapes and views on the Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri coasts with their love for this land and passion for the sea. All the staff members are therefore proud to host the passengers on board, cuddle them and guide them to discover the rocky coasts near Amalfi, which are full of caves, traditional restaurants and the best places to dive or admire the sunset in the west. The boat trips and the rental services by Dream Team Boats are more than just traditional boat trips, because they offer their guests the chance to make their special dreams come true: from a romantic trip to declare eternal love to your partner to one-day trips along the coast, from the experience of a breath-taking sunset with your partner on a yacht to a diving day: every dream will come true when you are on the boats of Dream Team Boats.

In addition to this, the staff and skippers of Dream Team Boats in Sorrento offer their passengers the chance to choose the route they prefer to fulfil their dreams, giving suggestions but giving them freedom to choose where they prefer to stop to discover the wonders of this paradisiac area of Campania. In order to offer every type of trip and to meet its guests’ needs, Dream Team Boats is equipped with a heterogeneous fleet, which includes fishing boats, the old boats used by the local fishermen, yachts and rubber boats. Dream Team Boats is ready to organize every trip thanks to its skilled and helpful team of skippers and professional staff.