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boats for rent in Sorrento

Private tours at sea and boat rental

Dream Team Boat organizes boat trips and offer boats for rent in Sorrento. The company is animated by a deep passion for the sea and love for the breath-taking landscapes of the Amalfi coast, the unforgettable views on Sorrento and the pearls of Capri. The fleet of Dream Team Boat fulfils every dream of the tourists, from diving and fishing lovers to couples looking for a cosy holiday far from the crowd to groups of friends who are willing to relax and enjoy the uniqueness of the Amalfi coast and Capri without worries.

Dream team boats

Fishing boats, rubber boats and charter yachts for rent and private tours

The trips along the coast and the boats for rent in Sorrento are some of the reasons why tourists and sea lovers contact Dream Team Boats.

After the first experience the guests understand the peculiarities of Dream Team Boats: first of all their deep passion for the sea, the friendliness of the skippers and staff members and their helpfulness.
The staff members of Dream Team boats organize the sea trips and offer the boats for rent in Sorrento. They are more than just guides or expert mariners: they really love their birthplaces and are proud to show them to their guests.
From fishing boats to charter yachts, the boats of Dream Team Boats are all equipped to give the passengers the chance to live comfortably onboard, enjoying an amazing view on Campania, among fresh dives, relaxing sunbaths and many other funny activities.


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Boats for rent Sorrento

Boats for rent

Boats for rent for private trips

Dream Team Boats is specialized in boats for rent in Sorrento. Therefore the company offers tourists and sea lovers the chance to enjoy the amazing coast along Campania and its marine landscape without worries and far from the crowd. Renting a private boat, exclusively reserved for a group of friends, a family or a couple, is the best way to enjoy the coast in Amalfi and Capri, far from the confusion and stress of the mass of touristswho every day visit that area in Campania. Renting a boat for a private trip is for sure the best solution on a hot summer day, when you feel like relaxing and being cuddled by the expert hands of Dream Team Boats’ skippers. From fishing boats for small groups to rubber boats and charter yachts, Dream Team Boats is ready and proud to make every guest’s dreams come true, thanks to its comfortable fleet that suits every need.

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Boat trips

Boat trips

Fishing and diving trips and customized tours

Dream Team Boats offers its guests the chance to make their special dreams come true, organizing every type of boat trip for them. The trips are carefully organized thanks to the passion for the sea and for Campania of Dream Team Boats’ skippers and staff members. The guests who participate to the trips are welcomed on comfortable boats by skilled and friendly staff members. Dream Team Boats organizes every type of trips, from the classic group trips on a fishing boat or on the traditional boats once used in Campania to fish, to the breath-taking sunsets on brand new yachts. Dream Team Boats’ trips are true experiences in the middle of the sea: you may decide to fish, accompanied by the professional and expert skippers, or explore the enchanting sea bottom of the coast. In addition to this, Dream Team Boats offers its guests the chance to organize customized tours to make their dreams come true and satisfy their desire to discover Sorrento, Capri and the whole Amalfi coast.

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